Manual Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces

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Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces, Volume Editor(s). M. A. Donelan; W. M. Drennan; E. S. Saltzman; R. Wanninkhof. First published
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Asher IOP Conf.

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Create citation alert. Buy this article in print. Journal RSS feed. Sign up for new issue notifications. These symposia, which have occurred approximately every five years since , bring together the international scientific and engineering community investigating the mechanisms, parameterizations, and applications of gas transfer at water surfaces. The focus in part is on the physical processes that govern the gas flux, which include air entrainment by breaking waves, flow over hydraulic structures, or direct injection , turbulence generated by mechanical agitation, wind, wave breaking, rainfall, or currents , and the effect of natural and synthetic surfactants.

Of equal importance to the treatment of the forcing mechanisms are the discussions on how to model or parameterize air-water gas transfer relevant to biogeochemical cycling on global, regional, and local scales. Furthermore, because the mechanisms controlling the gas flux also govern the air-sea flux of heat and momentum, the conference is attended by many studying a wide range of air- and water-side mixing processes that occur at or near the ocean surface.

This provides opportunities for crossfertilization of ideas between the classical air-sea interaction community and those focused on biogeochemical cycling. The second symposium took place in Minneapolis in [2] and the third symposium was held at the University of Heidelberg in Heidelberg, Germany in [3]. The sixth symposium was held in Kyoto, Japan in [6].

Gas transfer at air-water interfaces encompasses a wide variety of research, including fundamental fluid dynamics, biogeochemistry, and oceanography across a range of spatial and temporal scales. For example, the exchange of greenhouse gases between the atmosphere and natural bodies of water is critical to characterize and quantify global climate change. The establishment of a regular series of international symposia with a periodicity of five years was motivated by the increasing societal interest in the consequences of gas transfer at air-water interfaces, the size and productivity of the research community, and the wide geographic distribution of active researchers.

The symposium has established a reputation as an important and influential venue for presenting and disseminating research progress to the community. The five-year period between gatherings ensures that significant progress since the last occurrence will be reported. Kling Panin, A. Nasonov, and S. Sarkisian Frew, Robert K. Nelson, Wade R.

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7th International Symposium on Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces

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